Water tank, has become frequently needed with increasing construction sites and production facilities. Water tank products can be used in apartment bottoms, construction sites, factories, garden areas requiring irrigation, automotive sector and many other business and living areas.
There are many alternative production types for water tanks. We can provide polyester and polythene production.

Polyester Water Tank Features

  • They are long life tanks which can be produced in various sizes up to 100 tons.
  • It is known as fiberglass, too.
  • It is stainless and does not corrode.
  • You can easily use it as salt water or diesel tank.
  • Repair of tanks is possible. The repaired tanks provide absolutely strength and do not cause problems unless impact occurs again.
  • It is absolutely not affected by weather conditions.
  • Resistant to sunlight. Withstands operating temperatures up to + 70 ° C.
  • Inlet and outlet positions can be changed on tank.
  • Polyester water tanks can be insulated against to cold weather conditions.
  • In general, polyester water tanks are painted with blue color. Accordingly your request, tanks can be painted with the desired color.
  • Warranty period is 5 years.
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Warranty Terms

  • Always place your tank on a flat concrete ground.
  • Do not use any penetrating or sharp objects in your tank.
  • Do not lift from the inlet and outlet equipment.
  • Never store acidic products or liquids with a high pH value (Acid Tanks).
  • Take care not to drop or hit the tank during unloading and placing of tanks.
  • When making your installation connections, do not over-tighten the outlet rakor more than necessary.
  • Standard polyester water tanks are not suitable for putting to underground. For underground usage, you can visit underground water tanks .

Polythene Water Tank Features

  • They are long life tanks that we produce up to 5 tons horizontally and 25 tons vertically.
  • These tanks are also known as plastic water tanks.
  • It is stainless and does not corrode.
  • You should provide information for non-water uses.
  • Repairs are possible for minor damage. However, the repair of large-scale damage is limited and not healthy. It is important to pay attention during the use.
  • They are not affected by weather conditions. They do not experience deformation in summer or winter.
  • They are resistant to sunlight. + 55 º c up to trouble-free stocking can provide.
  • Manways are fixed. Position and dimension cannot be changed.
  • Production can be provided in 2 different colors. Blue and White. Blue polyethylene water tank prices are more costly accordingly to white tanks.
  • Warranty period is 2 years.
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Warranty Terms

  • Tanks shall be placed on a flat concrete ground.
  • Do not interfere with your tank with drilling or cutting tools.
  • Don't lift your tanks from manway or outlet rakor.
  • Please inform us for usage of non-water. (Acid Tanks)
  • Take care not to crash or drop during the unloading of the tank.
  • Do not press the outlet rakors more than necessary while making your installation connections.
  • Never bury under the ground. Polyethylene tanks are not suitable for underground use .

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