Silo tank is a vertical tank with 100% efficient usage and the lower part is produced as conical or curved. In general, silo tanks used for stocking of chemical (acid, etc.) liquids. Silo tanks are preferred by companies providing production with various chemicals such as raw materials manufacturers and cosmetics industry.

Silo Tank

Silo Tank

Silo tanks can be produced as polyethylene or polyester. Polyethylene silo tanks can be produced up to 22 tons, while polyester silo tanks can be produced up to 100 tons.

Polyester Silo Tank

Polyester silo tanks can be produced in accordance with the desired size, inlet and outlet pipe details can be arranged in accordance with the request will provide great convenience in your projects. Also, it is preferable to provide price advantage over stainless tanks.

Polyester silo tanks’ specifications can vary according to different acid types, different concentrate ratios and different temperatures. Moreover, the interaction of some chemicals with metal tanks are not suitable so it increases the use of polyester and polyethylene silo tanks.


  • Production can be provided in desired sizes.
  • Conical height dimension can be arranged according to demand.
  • Metal legs’ heights can be adjusted to the desired size.
  • With this feature, especially in facilities that make liquid packaging provides convenience.
  • The outlet equipment can be fixed to the desired size or position on the tank and at the bottom. Thus, your products can be designed for your project situation.
  • Thanks to the removable level indicators, the level indicator can be cleaned at any time.

Polyethylene Silo Tank

The production of polyethylene silo tanks, which can be produced up to 22000 liters, is not provided for higher volume products. The tanks, which are completely enclosed in the metal hoop, can cause breakage by the hoop pressure when tank is full for high volume products. Polyethylene productions can be produced as silo tank or open-top silo tank.


  • It is suitable for food regulations.
  • The chemical resistance is high.
  • Production is fast.
  • It provides 100% efficient use.

Fundamentals of Silo Tanks

  • The chemical type and the temperature of chemical to be stocked in tank are specified before order.
  • Install the product on a flat concrete floor and control the tank balance.
  • Do not interfere to tanks with the cutting objects.
  • Technical drawing should be approved before order.
  • Do not stock any chemical in tank other than you mentioned.
  • In case of any problems, contact our authorized friends without interfering.
  • Polyethylene silo tank guarantee period is 2 years, polyester silo tank warranty period is 5 years.