Septic tank price may vary in terms of production and equipment variety. Increasing soil pressure due to elevation difference will require the tank to be produced more durable. Septic tanks will benefit from price and time compared to concrete septic tanks. Especially in construction sites, after connecting your sewage area, you can carefully remove the tank and use it in your other projects.

Septic Tanks with Standart Elevation Level

Septic Tank Price

1 Ton Septic Tank

Production for Different Elevation Level

5 Ton Septic Tank Level 600

Septic Tank Price

Capacity Width Height Length
1m3 100 cm 135 cm 130 cm
2m3 120 cm 155 cm 190 cm
3m3 140 cm 175 cm 215 cm
5m3 180 cm 220 cm 200 cm
10m3 200 cm 240 cm 320 cm
15m3 250 cm 290 cm 310 cm
20m3 250 cm 290 cm 420 cm
25m3 250 cm 290 cm 510 cm
30m3 300 cm 340 cm 420 cm
40m3 300 cm 340 cm 560 cm
50m3 310 cm 350 cm 660 cm
60m3 310 cm 350 cm 790 cm
100m3 310 cm 350 cm 1360 cm
Elevation Level Price Use Terms
30 cm $370,00 VIEW
30 cm $560,00 VIEW
30 cm $750,00 VIEW
30 cm $940,00 VIEW
30 cm $1.790,00 VIEW
30 cm $3.200,00 VIEW
30 cm $4.300,00 VIEW
30 cm $4.900,00 VIEW
30 cm $5.600,00 VIEW
30 cm $6.900,00 VIEW
30 cm $9.400,00 VIEW
30 cm $11.800,00 VIEW
30 cm $21.000,00 VIEW
  • Legs for 50m3 and above septic tank products are made specially.
  • Instructions and prices of tanks, that elevation level is different from standart tanks, will be sent with order.

Septic Tank

About Septic Tank Price

  • The price of the septic tank may vary depending on the elevation difference or the load ratio to be carried in the area where the products will be placed.
  • In some project areas, the filling lines may be deeper than 30 cm from the upper floor. This will require the product to be placed deeper. In these cases, the manhole cover should be longer and the load on the tank will increase.
  • A solution can be provided by pouring a concrete curtain for the difference of elevation level. However, in order to save time, tank strength can be increased and measures can be taken for the excess load due to elevation difference. In this case, it causes changes in prices.

About Standard Septic Tank

  • Level difference for standard septic tank is 30 centimeters. For digging and other details, you can view the instructions or request from us. Excavation dimensions are important for warranty conditions.
  • The position and size of the filling pipe on standard septic tanks can be changed according to request.
  • Tank discharging can be provided with crusher pump. You can request that the product be designed for pump use by giving us information about these uses.

Septic Tank Production Schema

2 Ton Septic Tank Prices

Need to know about the septic tank

  • Always place the tank in accordance with the instructions sent to you.
  • You need to specify the size and position change requests related to the equipment on the tank before ordering.
  • If elevation level will be different from standard tank, you shall inform us.
  • The base of the excavation area must be a flat concrete ground.
  • If chemical waste will be stored in fiberglass septic tanks, to be specified before ordering.
  • Information must be provided in areas that will be any vehicle passing close to the excavation area.
  • Make sure that the manhole cover is closed during non-discharge processes.
  • During the placement of the tank, lifting lugs on the tank should be used.
  • Take care not to drop or hit the tank during unloading and placement of tank.
  • Always cover the tank with fine sand. Do not use excavated soil and make sure that there is no hard material in the sand.