Polyethylene water tank prices are more economical than many water tank product groups. Therefore, the usage rate is quite high. Polyethylene water tanks produced in accordance with food regulations provide hygienic usage.

Polyethylene Water Tank


  • They are economical products.
  • Production is fast.
  • Complies with food regulations.

Polyethylene Water Tank Images

Polyethylene Water Tank Prices

1 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 150,00 $

1500 Lt. Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 207,00 $

2 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 245,00 $

3 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 340,00 $

4 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 420,00 $

5 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

2250$White / Vertical
  • Blue : 430,00 $

5 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

3000$white / horizontal
  • Blue : 580,00 $

7 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 610,00 $

8 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 700,00 $

10 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 840,00 $

15 Ton Polyethylene Water tank

  • Blue : 1.080,00 $

20 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

  • Blue : 1410,00 $

25 Ton Polyethylene Water Tank

9000,00 $white
  • Blue : 1790,00 $

Polyethylene Water Tank Deliveries

Polyethylene water tank product stocks are always kept at a sufficient level. If the requested product is in stock, it is shipped on the same day according to the availability of our vehicles for Istanbul, Gebze and Kocaeli regions.

For out-of-town requests, the delivery time is 3 business days at the latest. Your products are notified to the warehouse companies according to the order confirmation. As soon as the most suitable vehicle is found, your products are loaded and sent to your address. Until your products reach your address under ATILIMSAN GRUP responsibility.

Polyethylene Water Tank Warranty Information

Polyethylene water tank products are under 2 years warranty against company faults.

Warranty Terms

  • Always place your products on a flat concrete ground with the base completely in contact with the ground.
  • Do not touch the tank with sharp or penetrating objects.
  • Do not apply air pressure into the tank.
  • Provide tank filling from the top cover.
  • Take care to make connections with flexible pipe.
  • Do not lift or move your tank while it is full.
  • In case of non-water use, please inform.
  • In order to use your products in a more hygienic way, please clean them at least once a year.