Polyester silo tanks are the most preferred silo tanks that can be produced in desired sizes with high chemical resistance and long life. In addition, it is suitable for all projects to be able to provide production in all desired volumes. View Catalog

Polyester Silo Tank

Polyester Silo Tank Production Schema

Manway :
The observation and intervention manhole at the top of the tank will provide access to the tank if necessary.
Flanges and Rakors:
All equipments are U-PVC materials. They can be located anywhere on tank in all sizes that is requested.
Lifting Lugs:
These equipments are used during placement of tank. Also, these equipments are used during loading and unloading of tank.
Vent Pipe:
It provides the discharge of the air pressure that will occur in the tank. During the tank discharge, air pressure is formed in the tank.
Tank Legs:
Silo tanks with a conical substructure are placed on a certain number of legs. In addition, the conical part is supported by the legs. The legs also have an anchoring system for fixing the tank to the concrete ground.
Polyester silo tank widths meet certain standards. It can be applied in different widths between 80 cm and 350 cm. Products can be produced with upper part as open or closed system.

Polyester Silo Tank Advantages

Conical Angle

Product cone height and angle can be adjusted according to demand. Furthermore, the desired size and number of connection equipment can be placed on the conical part.

Leg Heights

The distance between the outlet after the cone and the ground can be adjusted according to request. In general, these distances are kept high for liquid packaging works.

Chemical Resistance

With epoxy resin and many years of experience, you can safely store your chemicals.


The desired size and number of equipment can be connected to the tank.

Mixer Use

Mixer motors can be placed on the tank easily for upper side is open.

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Silo Tank Advantages

%100 Effective Use

The most important feature of silo tanks is that the material in the tank can be used as 100%. All liquid in the product can be used.

Brine Tank Production

Silo tanks can be manufactured completely open on request. In general, brine tanks are preferred for mixer tanks or dipping processes.

Connection Equipments

High chemical resistance u-pvc connection equipment can be placed on the tank in desired size and number.

Wide Production Type

Polyester silo tanks can be produced in any volume you want.

High Chemical Resistance

Vinylester resin can provide resistance to all acids in different concentrations. Click for acid resistance table.