Polyester acid tanks are made of epoxy resin. Since this type of resin contains less polar groups, it is more resistant to water and hydraulic factors than standard resins. Their superiority in their structures provides excellent chemical resistance as well as higher mechanical values such as flexing, elongation and bending temperature under load.
The special structure of the vinyl ester prevents the hydrolysis of the ester groups, allowing the curing of the chain to be fully cured. Therefore, it shows high resistance to acid and chemical bases. When the vinyl ester resin cures, it only forms double bonds and cross-links at the end of the chain. It forms a structure which is more durable under mechanical action, more elongation, absorbs more mechanical energy and more resistant to thermosocks.

Polyester Acid Tanks

Polyester Acid Tanks

Polyester Acid Tanks

For polyester acid tanks, surface tissue, chopped strand mat and fiber woven rowing are used besides vinylester resin.

Surface Tissue
This material is a thin fiberglass fabric which is used between the gelcoat and the reinforcing materials. Surface mat is similarly manufactured and has a similar appearance to the chopped strand mat but it is much finer. This surfacing veil prevents the weave patterns from bleeding through the gelcoat. Alos, it is used to provide a resin rich layer in liquid or chemical holding tanks or reinforcement for layers of gelcoat.
Chopped Strand Mat
E-glass chopped strand mat is the most widely used polyester and vinyl ester resin reinforcement. Production is provided accordingly to TSE Standards. Use amount is changable accordingly to tank capacity.
Fiber Woven Roving
It is for laminating large fiberglass parts where a cost effective, high impact, high strength reinforcement is required. It is not twisted. It is easy to wet and is very successful in covering. It is often used for boats and tanks in conjunction with chopped strand mat as a simple means of adding bulk to increase stiffness.

Horizontal Acid Tanks

Horizontal polyester acid tanks which can be produced in all sizes and with alternative measurement possibilities provide great convenience in projects. With its strong strength and high quality raw material usage, it will provide you service for many years in your acid tank stocking.

To get information for polyester acid tank dimensions, you can visit polyester water tank dimensions page.

Vertical Acid Tanks

Vertical cylindrical polyester acid tanks with many alternative sizes for all volumes will serve you for many years. Thanks to the superior resistance of vinyl ester, your chemicals will be safe.

Prismatic Acid Tanks

Prismatic polyester acid tanks produced in desired sizes are a little more expensive than cylindrical tanks. Prismatic tanks which are mostly used as overflow tank, immersion tank or chemical pool are also preferred as boiling water tank.

Silo Acid Tanks

Tanks produced in the cylindrical vertical position with the bottom conical have two alternative production modes. Tanks that can be produced as closed system silos or open upper-side are in high demand by detergent and cleaning material manufacturers. The most important advantages of polyester silo acid tanks are the conical height, alternative width and height dimensions, the arrangement of the distance between the floor and the outlet and the production of all volumes. In addition, silo tanks are highly preferred in liquid packaging.