Plastic water tanks and polyethylene water tanks are the same products. Polyethylene is a kind of thermoplastic as chemical properties. It is used in many different fields such as construction sites, factory sites, garden irrigation systems with its weather resistance, economic prices. Plastic water tanks which cannot be produced in alternative sizes and can be produced horizontally up to a maximum volume of 5 tons are disadvantageous with this aspect.

Plastic Water Tank Prices

Plastic Water Tank Prices

Plastic Water Tank

Production Capacities of Plastic Water Tank

  • Plastic water tanks can be produced as horizontally up to 5 ton capacity and as vertically up to 25 ton capacity.
  • Products are formed by boiling polyethylene raw material which is poured in certain molds at certain weight with rotation system.

Production Process

The average production process for plastic water tanks is 1 hour. Production is provided quickly. Stock levels are always kept at the highest level.

Plastic Water Tank Prices

Horizontal Water Tank Prices

Dikey Su Deposu Fiyatları

Delivery of Plastic Water Tanks

Plastic water tanks delivery; it can be carried out in all regions of Turkey. However, the shipping cost for small volume products can provide a disadvantage for 1 piece. Large volume products can be provided to all regions with the most competitive prices.