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Are Polyethylene Tanks Suitable For Septic Tank?

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Polyethylene water tanks are not suitable for use as a septic tank under the ground. For these uses, the product will not be covered by the warranty. The flexible structure of the polyethylene water tank products will not provide resistance under soil pressure. Septic Tanks

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Is Polyethylene Suitable For Chemical Tanks?

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Polyethylene is a thermoplastic with a high chemical resistance. However, in order to use polyethylene water tanks in chemical storage, information should be given to authorized persons. You will also need to report the type of chemical to be used, the concentration ratio and the stock temperature value. Polyethylene water tanks must be thickened according to [...]

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Polyethylene Water Tank Dimensions May Change

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Polietilen su tankı ölçüleri değiştirilemez. Standart kalıplar ile üretimi sağlanan polietilen su tankları ölçüleri de standarttır. Alternatif su tankı ölçüleri için polyester su deposu ölçüleri sayfamızı ziyaret edebilirsiniz. İzoplas markası olarak kendi standart ölçülerimiz olup, talep doğrultusunda alternatif ölçülerde üretim sağlanabilmektedir. Polyester Water Tank Dimensions Polythene Water Tank Dimensions

Prices include Shipping fees?

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Delivery is not made for plastic tanks with a volume of 1 ton and smaller. For our products with a volume of more than 1 tonne, prices include delivery fees for Istanbul. Delivery for multiple product orders is provided free of charge to nearby areas such as Bursa, Sakarya and Tekirdağ. For all other regions, you [...]

Which Regions Shipping Can Be Provided?

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All regions of Turkey shipping can be provided with the warehouse firms or cargo vehicle. Our products are under guarantee during shipping until to be delivered to you. You can get detailed information about delivery fees from our sales representatives.

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Production and Delivery Process

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The stocks of polyethylene water tanks are always kept at a sufficient level. Deliveries for nearby regions are carried out on the same day. With the most suitable transportation vehicle for the regions outside of Istanbul, delivery will be provided to you within 3 working days at the latest. Delivery time may vary depending on the [...]

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After Sales Support and Warranty

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Our products are under warranty for 2 years against company defects. It is important that you comply with the following warranty instructions before installation to ensure that your products are covered by the warranty. In case of any problems, you can get information by contacting our sales representatives. Warranty Terms The water tanks must be placed [...]

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