Since 1984, we continued to produce polyester and polyethylene acid tanks, acid tanks are used by many companies over Turkey and the world. You can review some of our references and the products we produce. For more references Our references You can visit our page.
1. Sandoz Syntek
50 ton horizontal chemical waste tank and 26 ton chemical mixer tank are provided for Sandoz.

2. APS Ambalaj
24m3 silo acid tanks and 13 ton mixer tank production were provided.
3. Kale Kimya
50 ton vertical acid tanks and 5m3 prismatic acid tank were produced.
4. Karabacak Madencilik
Production of 13m3 HCL silo acid tank and 20m3 hcl stock tank were provided.
5. İlve Kimya
56/5000 Production of 20 ton silo phosphoric acid tank was provided.
6. Kolin İnşaat
Production of 20 ton HCL acid tank was provided.
7. EURO Kimya
25m3 Silo Caustic tank production is provided.
8. Doktor Tarsa
6 ton vertical phosphoric acid tank production was provided.
Production of 20 ton poly aluminum chloride tank is provided.