5 ton polythene septic tank is the biggest product of polythene underground septic tanks. It is suitable for use under ground with its special belt and thickened structure.

5 Ton Polythene Septic Tank Features

  • It has a belted structure. It certainly doesn’t stretch.
  • Thicker than standard water tank products.
  • Elevation level is 50 cm as standard.
  • It does not corrode and does not rot.
  • Dimensions are standard and can not be changed. For alternative dimensions, you can visit 5 ton septic tank product page.
  • Production is provided with high density polythene raw material.
5 Ton Polythene Septic Tank

5 Ton Polythene Septic Tank


All technical details are given in the sketching of product. Please check before ordering the product. Product installation must be carried out in accordance with the details specified in the instructions.

5 Ton Septic Tank Images


Width 160 cm
Height 210 cm
Length 292 cm
Manhole 45 cm
Inlet Pipe dn100
Vent Pipe dn32


Equipment Detail
Lifting Lug 2 pieces
Vent Pipe 1 piece
Manhole 1 piece
Inlet Pipe 1 piece
Elevation Level 50 cm

5 Ton Septic Tank Prices

  • Prices are not included VAT.
  • Shipping is free for Istanbul.
  • You can contact us to get information about delivery prices for out of town demands. CONTACT

5 Ton Polythene Septic Tank


5 Ton Polyester Septic Tank


Terms of Use

  • Use the products in accordance with the conditions stated in the instructions.
  • The excavation details for the area where the tank will be placed are indicated on the instructions.
  • You must comply with the excavation dimensions.
  • Never cover the tank with excavation soil.
  • Product elevation level is indicated on the drawing. Do not use the product in areas where there are differences in elevation that is specified on sketching.
  • Tanks should not be used in areas with vehicle traffic.
  • In areas with heavy rainfall, your tank may come out of the excavation area due to rain. To do this, cover the top of the excavation area with concrete.
  • Make sure that the ventilation pipe is open, especially when emptying the sewage truck.
  • Only use the lifting lugs on the product when placing the tank.
  • For the storage of chemical waste, we must be informed.
  • Tank should be covered with thin sand.
  • Make sure that there are no penetrating or cutting objects in the sand.

For general installation details about Septic Tank: