4m3 polythene silo tank can be used in facilities where chemical fluid storage or machine feeding is required. The bottom of the product is conical and provides 100% product flow and does not leave any product inside. Polyethylene silo tanks with high chemical resistance are suitable for liquid packing facilities. Polyethylene silo tanks dimensions are standard and no alternative dimensions are available. Polyethylene silo tanks, which can be produced up to 22000 liters volume, are under 2 years warranty against company faults. The type of product to be used in the tank, the concentration ratio and stock temperature are important for tank production.

4m3 Polythene Silo Tank Features

4m3 polythene silo tanks can be produced in 2 different ways. Our products which are produced as closed system silo tank or brine silo tank are fixed in size. Brine silo tanks are mainly used for liquids that require mixing.

4m3 Polythene Silo Tank Dimensions

Silo Tank

Width 192 cm
Height 215 cm
Height with Metal Leg 270 cm
Cover 40 cm
Drawing View

Silo Brine Tank

Width 192 cm
Height 200 cm
Height with Metal Leg 250 cm
Upper Width 200 cm
Drawing View

  • Polythene silo tanks can be produced up to 22000 liters and silo brine tanks up to 5 tons.
  • Silo brine tanks are mostly used for mixer or machine systems.
  • Chemical resistance is high.
  • Dimensions are standard.
  • Provides 100% product flow.
  • No product remains in the tank.
  • It does not react with chemicals.
  • Long use life.
  • Stainless.
  • Suitable for chemical stocking.
  • Chemical production facilities.
  • Detergent production facilities.
  • Liquid packing plants.
  • Olive and olive oil production.
  • Acid storage facilities.