30 ton water tank can be produced only as polyester. Compare prices and product details for 2 separate products.

30 Ton Water Tank

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30 Ton Water Tank Images

Polyester Water Tank

30 Ton Water Tank Prices

Polyester Water Tank $4.700,00
25 Ton Polythene Vertical Blue Tank $1.790,00
25 Ton Polythene Vertical White Tank $1.700,00
  • The prices are valid for the following sizes. The prices may vary for the sizes not included in the table.
  • You can pay your orders for Istanbul and Gebze regions with a credit card during delivery. For your credit card payments, you must provide information prior to ordering.

30 Ton Water Tank Sizes

Polyester water tank sizes can be produced in different alternatives. In addition, prismatic production is possible in all desired sizes. Polythene water tank production is up to 25 tons. You can contact with our sales representatives with alternative sizes of 30 ton water tank. Contact

30 Ton Polyester Water Tank Sizes

Horizontal Size 1 Size 2
Width 300 cm 250 cm
Height 320 cm 270 cm
Length 420 cm 620 cm
Manway 70 cm
Outlet 3″ (80mm)
Vertical Size 1 Size 2
Width 300 cm 270 cm
Height 430 cm 540 cm
Manway 70 cm
Outlet 3″ (80mm)

25 Ton Polythene Water Tank Sizes

Vertical Size 1
Width 300 cm
Height 400 cm
Manway 45 cm
Outlet 2″ (50mm)

Delivery Process

  • Polyethylene water tanks are available in stock in certain quantities. Delivery will be done in the fastest way according to the availability of the truck after the order.
  • Polyester water tanks are manufactured to order. Production time for 30 ton water tank is 5 working days. After the production is completed, your product will be delivered as soon as possible.

Warranty Periods

The warranty period of 30 ton polyester water tank is 5 years. In order to ensure that your products are covered by the warranty, please comply with the installation instructions specified in the warranty terms.

Warranty Terms

  • Water tanks must be placed on a flat concrete ground. Make sure that the base side of the vertical tanks and fiberglass legs of horizontal tanks are in contact with the floor.
  • Do not use your tank except of water. You must inform us before order.
  • Use flexible pipe when fitting the products. Support the bottom of the outlet valves by putting supports bottom of valves.
  • Do not interfere with cutting objects on the products.
  • Don’t lift or move tanks when they are full of water.
  • Don’t lift or move tanks from their manhole or outlets.
  • By cleaning the products every 6 months, you can provide more hygienic use.

About Polyester Water Tanks

  • Polyester water tanks can be repaired and provide the required strength after repair with this it provides more useful life for water tanks. Also polyester water tanks can be produced as demountable and to be installed at place of tank will be used.
  • Polyester water tanks manufactured with food resin have certificate of conformity to food regulations. View Certificate
  • Polyester water tanks offer multiple measure alternatives. You can get information from our sales representatives for many alternative sizes as cylindrical or prismatic. Call Us or view all contact informations of us on link Contact.
  • It is one of the most important advantages of providing production in desired dimensions and volumes.
  • It allows for maximum volume in minimum dimensions.
  • Polyester gel-coat protects the sun’s rays and does not moss if the necessary cleanings are made on time.

About Polythene Water Tanks

  • Our products are produced from high density polyethylene raw material.
  • Production is made conformity to food regulations.
  • Sizes and volumes of tanks are standart and cannot be changed.
  • You must obtain information for non-water use.
  • Manway position and size cannot be changed.
  • Outlet adaptor size can be changed.