The production of 3 ton fiberglass water tank consists of a combination of fiberglass and polyester resin. Fiberglass water tanks are products with the highest warranty period with 5-years. One of the most important advantages is providing as horizontal, vertical and prismatic production in alternative dimensions.

3 Ton Fiberglass Water Tank

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Product Images


Cylindrical Horizontal 1 Horizontal 2
Width 140 cm 120 cm
Height 155 cm 135 cm
Length 215 cm 250 cm
Cover 40 cm 40 cm
Outlet 1″ 1″
Cylindrical Horizontal 3 Vertical
Width 100 cm 140 cm
Height 115 cm 220 cm
Length 390 cm
Cover 40 cm 40 cm
Outlet 1″ 1″

Terms of Use

  • The base of the area where the fiberglass water tank will be used must be a flat concrete floor. Make sure that there is no material on the floor.
  • For horizontal water tanks, the legs of tanks and for vertical tanks the bottom side of the tanks should be completely in contact with the concrete ground.
  • The fiberglass water tank must never be lifted or moved from the inlet and outlet connections.
  • Do not lift or move when it is full.
  • Do not interfere with penetrating or sharp objects.
  • You can make your tank healthier use by doing internal cleaning in half term.

About Placement

The placement of horizontal or vertical tanks must be exactly as shown in the pictures. Otherwise the products will not be covered by the warranty.