3 ton fiberglass sphere water tank is produced by double mold method, belted water tanks. Our sphere water tank, which is placed in a special metal leg, is manufactured from vinylester epoxy resin upon request and will allow you to make chemical stocking.

3 Ton Fiberglass Water Tank Details


Diameter 180 cm
Junction Point 185 cm
Tank Height 180 cm
Total Height 230 cm
Cover Q462
Inlet 1 1/4″
Outlet 1 1/4″


Equipment Type
Inlet Outside Threaded
Outlet Outside Threaded
Cover PE Lockable Cover
Metal Leg Q40 Pipe Profile
Tank Weight 57 KG
Leg Weight 51 KG
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3 Ton Fiberglass Sphere Water Tank Production Steps

  • Production is provided by two mold method.
  • The upper and bottom parts taken from the molds are assembled together.
  • From the inside, the junction point is completely insulated and ready for use.
  • The exterior is completely glossy and thanks to the polyester gel-coat, it is absolutely impervious to sunlight.
  • Outlet rakors can be assembled to 4 different sides of tank.
  • Upon request, an outlet rakor can be assmebled to deepest side of the tank.
  • A PE lockable cover will be assembled to the top of tank.
  • The tank is placed in a special metal leg.
  • It is raised 50 cm from the ground as standard.
  • Anchorage system is provided on tank legs. You can easily fix it to the ground.

General Features

  • Stainless and corrosion-free.
  • It provides long years of use thanks to its repairability.
  • Belted structure increases strength.
  • Thanks to its special metal frame, it accelerates the flow of water and provides 100% usage.
  • Can be produced for acid storage upon request.
  • High resistance to weather conditions.
  • Dimensions are standard. There is no production in alternative sizes. Click for 3 ton water tank in different sizes.

Warranty Terms

  • Place the products on a flat concrete ground.
  • Never interfere with piercing or cutting objects.
  • For non-water uses, we must be informed.
  • Do not apply air pressure inside to the product.
  • Not suitable for underground use. Click for underground water tanks.
  • Always use flexible pipes during installation.
  • In case of any problem, please contact our sales representatives without any intervention. you can visit our contact page

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