1m3 IBC tank is the plastic injection product inflating tanks used to collect and transport fluids and hard materials. These products can be produced in different types with wood, metal or plastic pallets.

  • IBC Tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene raw material.
  • Our products do not corrode and stainless.
  • It is placed in the steel cage which is electrically welded by 360 different points from the body and its surroundings. This cage has a strong and robust structure and provides high resistance to many kinds of acids.
  • It does not react with acid or basic chemicals.
  • It has high safety standards in land and sea transportation.
  • Easy and custom loading allows for regular stacking and space saving.
  • Products can be reused.
  • All components are reusable after they have reached their service life.

1m3 IBC Tank


Volume 1000 Liter
Width 1200 mm
Height 1160 mm
Length 1000 mm
Cover 150 mm
Outlet dn50 Butterfly Valve
Weight 65 kg


Metal Pallet € 135,00
Plastic Pallet € 135,00
Wooden Pallet € 120,00
Composite Pallet € 110,00

Terms of Sale

  • You will be informed about the product delivery before your order.
  • Prices are not included VAT
  • T.C. The Central Bank is based on the euro exchange rate.
  • Deliveries for both Istanbul and Gebze are provided free of charge by us.