100 ton septic tank will be sufficient for monthly discharge periods for 60 to 100 persons. You can provide product discharges through sewage trucks.
For the areas away from the sewer line (where the flowability cannot be sufficient), transferring can be provided to the sewer line through the pumps after filling into tank. For this type of use, you can ask us to request the arrangement of product equipment according to the pump system. The septic tanks are generally produced in horizontal position. The reason for this is to minimize the depth of the excavation by minimizing the height measurement. It can also be produced vertically on request.

100 Ton Septic Tank Price

Product Price

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100 ton septic tank price is for standard dimension. The price may vary for alternative dimensions.

Application of 100 Ton Septic Tank

For installation of 100 ton septic tank, please view the embedding instructions and install according to these instructions. Do not cover the tank with excavation soil.


Standard Dimension

Width 310 cm
Length 1360 cm
Height 350 cm
Elevation Level 30 cm

Equipment List

Vent Pipe dn100
Inlet dn200
Manhole dn700
Lifting Lugs 4 pcs.

In order to ensure reliable shipment for 100 ton septic tank, it is not possible to manufacture in alternative sizes. You can call us for your questions and requests. CONTACT

You must follow the instructions that are sent to you, during the installation of the tank. We also recommend that you review the instructions below. The instructions that are clarified on technical drawing are your warranty terms.

  • The dimensions of the excavation area where the tank is to be placed are clearly stated in the instructions. These measures should not be exceeded.
  • The ground of the area where the tank is to be placed must be a flat concrete.
  • Do not use excavation soil when cover the tank. Also, remove the excavated soil from around of excavated the area. With the any possible strong rain, the excavation soil can drop over tank and damage the product.
  • Provide the placement of the tank at the center of the excavation area. Equal distance is required from all sides.
  • When closing over of the tank, fill the sand with equal amount to all sides.
  • Tank should be covered with thin sand. Do not cover the tank with excavation soil.
  • Provide tank placement with lifters that on the tank.
  • Take care to have a warning sign around the tank and keep the manhole cover closed.
  • The tank vent pipe will allow the air pressure to be take out during the discharged of tank by sewage truck. In particular, keep the vent pipe opening during discharging of tank.
  • Take care not to drop or crash when placing the tank in the excavation area.