100 ton septic tank is preferred in construction sites and production facilities. For the use of 60 to 100 persons, 100 ton septic tank which is sufficient for monthly periodic discharges can only be transported by open truck. Only one transport can be carried with 1 truck.

100 Ton Septic Tank

Product Price

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General Features

  • It will be sufficient for monthly periodic discharges for 60 to 100 people.
  • Horizontal or vertical production can be provided.

100 Ton Septic Tank Features

100 Ton Septic Tank Specification

Instruction VIEW
  • Our products are produced for underground use.
  • With standard sizes and alternative sizes, production can be provided.
  • Approximate wall thickness is 14 mm.
  • There are 4 dividing walls in tank. This equipment supports sand pressure to be covered over.
  • There are 3 lifting lugs on the product. Product placement should be done by lifting lugs.
  • There is a ventilation pipe on the tank. It is ensured that the air pressure that will occur during the discharge of the sewage truck is discharged.

100 Ton Septic Tank Dimensions

Horizontal Standard
Width 310 cm
Height 350 cm
Length 1360 cm
Manhole dn700
Inlet Pipe dn200
Vent Pipe dn100

Contact With Us

  • Vertical tanks are not preferred because of the high height.
  • There are no alternative sizes for this product.

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100 Ton Septic Tank Warranty

100 ton septic tank warranty period is 5 years against production defects. Our authorized service team will provide on-site intervention for the production faults that may occur during this period and will correct the faults. Fiberglass products can be repaired structurally and provide the necessary strength after repair. For the product warranty terms, the instructions that has sent you as mail or can be downloaded at above and given below are essential.

Warranty Terms

During installation of septic tanks, you must comply with the instructions sent to you. In addition, the following instructions must be observed during installation. These guidelines form your warranty terms.

  • Be sure to prepare the tank location according to the excavation dimensions specified.
  • The base part of the area where the tank will be installed must be concreted ground.
  • Excavation soil should never be used when covering the tank. In addition, excavation soil after excavation should be taken around the excavation area. With the precipitation, excavation soil can be poured onto the tank and damage the product.
  • The layout of the tank should be at the center of the excavation area so that it remains at an equal distance from the four sides to the excavation area.
  • When closing the tank, sand should be filled equally and equally on 4 sides.
  • You must pour the sand into the remaining spaces, not towards the tank.
  • There should be no hard material in the sand to be poured onto the tank.
  • The tank vent pipe will allow the air pressure to be take out during the discharged of tank by sewage truck. This pipe must be open, especially during discharge.
  • Take care not to drop or crash during the placement of the tank.
  • They are produced for storage of wastes or to save space.
  • The usage rate is increasing. Usage is widespread in all areas where there is no sewer network.
  • They are produced thicker than standard water tanks and their equipments are different than standard products.
  • Production can be provided accordingly different elevation levels.
  • Inlet pipe size and position can be changed accordingly your request.
  • Horizontal or vertical production up to 100 tons volume is provided.
  • In many alternative dimensions, production can be provided.