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100 ton polyester water tank can be produced horizontally or vertically. There is a single production for both vertical and horizontal.

100 Ton Horizontal Water Tank Dimensions

100 Ton Horizontal Water Tank Dimensions

Alternative 1
Width 310 cm
Height 330 cm
Length 1360 cm
Cover 70 cm
Outlet 4″

100 Ton Vertical Water Tank Dimensions

Alternative 1
Width 350 cm
Height 1050 cm
Cover 70 cm
Outlet 4″

100 Ton Polyester Water Tank Price

Price $21.000,00

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  • Long use life.
  • Provide space saving.
  • Special metal legs for large capacity water tanks ensure safe handling
  • Repairable.
  • Does not corrode.
  • No chemical interaction with water.
  • Stainless.
  • With a long warranty period, our service team will solve your problem against production defects.
  • Prices are economic.

Warranty Terms

  • Always place your tank on a flat concrete ground.
  • Always use a crane when unloading and placement of tank.
  • Be careful not to drop the tank.
  • Check the balance status after placing your tank.
  • Do not touch the tank with sharp or penetrating objects.
  • Do not remove your tank from the inlet and outlet. Use the lifting lugs on the tank.
  • Do not lift or move your tank when it is full.
  • Do not fill any liquid except of water, inside of tank.
  • If you encounter any problems, do not interfere. Please contact authorized friends.

  • 100 ton polyester water tanks have 5 years warranty against to production defects.
  • It can be repaired and provides full strength and long useful life.
  • Polyester water tanks can be manufactured in requested dimensions. Wider, higher or longer
  • Polyester & Polythene Water Tanks
  • Olive, Pickle and Food Tanks
  • Diesel Tanks
  • Acid Storage Tanks
  • GRP Tanks and facade coating, pool coating, roof and gutter coating
  • Water tanks and other storage tanks in Turkey and the world’s Preferred since 1985.
  • The first manufacturer of 100 ton underground and above ground water tank.