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  • 10 Ton Polyester Water Tank

10 Ton Fiberglass Water tank

10 tons of fiberglass water tank can be produced with multiple alternative product sizes. Horizontal or vertical production of fiberglass water tank products can be provided, are under 5-year warranty.

10 Ton Fiberglass Water Tank Dimensions

10 Ton Horizontal Water Tank Dimensions

Alternative 1
Width 200 cm
Height 220 cm
Length 320 cm
Cover 45 cm
Outlet 2″

Alternative 2
Width 230 cm
Height 250 cm
Length 250 cm
Cover 45 cm
Outlet 2″

10 Ton Vertical Water Tank Dimensions

Alternative 1
Width 230 cm
Height 260 cm
Cover 45 cm
Outlet 2″

Alternative 2
Width 200 cm
Height 330 cm
Cover 45 cm
Outlet 2″

10 Ton Fiberglass Water Tank Price

Price 1320,00$

10 Ton Water Tank Video

Polyethylene Water Tank Dimensions May Change2019-08-08T18:35:08+03:00

Polietilen su tankı ölçüleri değiştirilemez. Standart kalıplar ile üretimi sağlanan polietilen su tankları ölçüleri de standarttır. Alternatif su tankı ölçüleri için polyester su deposu ölçüleri sayfamızı ziyaret edebilirsiniz. İzoplas markası olarak kendi standart ölçülerimiz olup, talep doğrultusunda alternatif ölçülerde üretim sağlanabilmektedir.

Polyester Water Tank Dimensions
Polythene Water Tank Dimensions
Production Process of Polyester Water Tanks2019-03-14T10:28:28+03:00
  • By using the required raw materials, the cover, body and foot parts of the products are produced and a certain period of time is expected to reach the required hardness.
  • After the produced parts reach the required hardness, they are welded together and are expected to reach the required hardness again.
  • The outlet and inlet connections are also mounted to the products and then the product’s outside is cleaned.
  • To have been cleaned polyester water tank are painted with gel-coat to protect against sunlight.
What is the Polyester Water Tank?2019-03-13T16:39:24+03:00
  • The products are more robust and useful than other product groups in terms of the strength they form with polyester raw material content.
  • It is one of the most important advantages of production in desired sizes and in desired volume. DIMENSIONS
  • Repairable form and providing the necessary strength after repair, increase use life of polyester water tank products.
  • It is one of the most important advantage, to be supplied maximum volume products.
  • Polyester water tanks are resisted against to the sun’s rays and when the necessary cleaning are made, you can use with more hygienic conditions.
  • Can be produced in desired sizes and provides the most suitable water tanks for your projects.
Polyester water tank use terms2019-03-13T16:16:58+03:00
  • Place the products on a flat concrete ground.
  • Make sure that there are no materials on concrete floor such as stones, nails, metal, which can damage your water tank.
  • Make sure that the horizontal water tanks legs and the vertical water tank bottom side are completely to contact with the floor.
  • Do not lift or move products from the cover or outlet rakor of tank.
  • Do not lift or move polyester water tank products when they are full.
  • Do not interfere with cutting or piercing objects onto the products. In case of any problems, contact the sales representatives and provide information.
  • You can clean the products every 6 months and make them more hygienic.
Prices include Delivery Fee?2019-03-13T16:03:08+03:00

Polyester water tank prices include delivery of Istanbul and Gebze region. You can get information from our sales representatives about delivery costs for different regions.
VAT is not included for all product prices stated in our web-site.

Polyester Water Tank Deliveries2019-12-04T12:37:22+03:00

Polyester water tank products are kept in certain quantities in our stocks for certain volumes. Vertical polyester water tank products are not available in stock.
With the order confirmation for the products in stock, the deliveries are provided to Istanbul and Gebze regions at the same time with our own vehicles according to the availability of the vehicle.
For products not in stock, the delivery time will be indicated to you during order.
Your out-of-town orders will be delivered within 3 working days at the latest. Deliveries are provided by warehouse firms or over-load vehicles.

Polyester Water Tank Warranty Period2019-12-04T12:34:17+03:00

Polyester water tank products are guaranteed against company defects for 5 years. The defects that caused by production will be repaired on-site. It can only be renewed for non-repairable products.
In case of any problem, you can contact our sales representatives and request service.
During the order, please refer to your offer file and product drawing which includes the warranty conditions.

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