You can view 1 ton water tank product details in our page and you can compare the same volume of polyethylene water tank products.

1 Ton Water Tank Specifications

1 Ton Su Tankı Dikey

1m3 Polyester Dikey Su Tankı

1 Ton Su Tankı Yatay

1m3 Polyester Su Tankı

Product Images

1 ton water tank products can be produced as vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, ellipse and prismatic in all requested dimensions as polyester.
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General Specifications

  • 1 ton water tank is made of fiberglass and it can be produced horizontally or vertically..
  • Standard water tank has 1 pcs. outlet and 1 pcs. filling cap.
  • Outlet and filling cap equipment’ size and position can be changed on request.
  • Horizontal water tank products have legs at the bottom. The number of legs vary according to the volume of tank. Legs of tank cover products up to half height, thus preventing the stretching of tank..
  • Repairable polyester water tank products are used for many years.

Products Details


Cylindrical Horizontal 1 Horizontal 2 Vertical
Width 100 cm 80 cm 100 cm
Height 115 cm 95 cm 140 cm
Length 130 cm 200 cm
Cover 35 cm 35 cm 35 cm
Outlet 1″ (dn25) 1″ (dn25) 1″ (dn25)
Ellipse Horizontal
Width 100 cm
Height 85 cm
Length 150 cm
Cover 35 cm
Outlet 1″ (dn 25)

1 Ton Polythene Water Tank

You can review 1 ton plastic water tank as alternative of 1 ton polyester water tank.


Cylindrical Horizontal 1 Vertical 1
Width 92 cm 78 cm
Height 103 cm 220 cm
Length 153 cm
Cover 40 cm 40 cm
Outlet 3/4″ (dn 20) 3/4″ (dn 20)
Cylindrical Vertical 2 Vertical 3
Width 88 cm 106 cm
Height 188 cm 130 cm
Cover 40 cm 40 cm
Outlet 3/4″ (dn 20) 3/4″ (dn 20)

1 Ton Water Tank Prices


  • Horizontal & Vertical

Polythene White

  • Horizontal & Vertical

Polythene Blue

  • Horizontal & Vertical
Prices are not included VAT.
Shipping Prices
Our prices include Istanbul Anatolian Side delivery fee. For other regions you can contact with authorized sales team.. Contact
Which Regions Can Be Provided Shipping?
Shipping can be provided to all regions of Turkey.
Production & Delivery Process
The approximately production time for polyester water tank is 3 working days. Polyethylene water tanks are always available in stock. Deliveries are made on the same day depending on the vehicle condition.
Support After Sale
Polyester water tanks are under warranty of 5 years against manafacturing defects. Your products will be repaired on-site in case of faults for water tanks used in accordance with the terms of use. The maximum repair period is 7 business days for Turkey.
The most important feature of polyester water tanks is that repair is always possible. Repair service for defections that are not in compliance with the conditions of use will be invoiced to you. The repair service will be provided free of charge for defects due to production.

Warranty Terms

  • The base of the area where your water tank will be placed must be a flat concrete ground.
  • Make sure that there is no material on the concrete ground.
  • Make sure that the tank legs for horizontal tanks and the bottom side of tank for vertical tanks are completely contact with the concrete ground.
  • Do not remove your products from cover or outlet equipments.
  • Do not move or move when the products are full..
  • Do not interfere with cutting or piercing materials on the products. Contact our authorized colleagues if you have any problems.
  • You can clean the water tank every 6 months for using it in more hygienic conditions..